Mobile Payment Solution

Mobile Payment Solution.

...for anyone, anywhere, anytime

...for anyone, anywhere, anytime




About Pinspay Account


Fastest Way To send Money

Pinspay offers an easier, faster, and cheaper way to do business transactions via the web and mobile applications.


Steps required to send money

All you need is just a quick and easy step to send money,transfer money and also pay for items bought through pinspay

Fund your Account

Open an account today by registering with a few personal details then You can easily fund your account through transfer from any bank or by visiting any Pinspay partner agent.

Send Money

Pinspay gives you a seamless payment experience, which allows you to transfer money or make payment for items bought via your mobile number or by visiting any of our partner agent nationwide.

Receive Money

Receive money sent to you with your mobile number from any bank or pinspay partner agent nationwide.

Cash Out

From our wide network of partner agents, you can collect your money without stress by using the mobile number and pin you provided at the point of registration. Remember, do not share your PIN with anyone! 


Simple and Easy steps


A Convenient way to send and receive Money

We have the most convenient payment method for our users with highest success rates obtainable in Nigeria.


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PinsPay is an online payment system that allows you to make online purchase, send and receive money with just your mobile number.

PinsPay can be used by people of various social class, organizations, students, traders etc. In other words,PinsPay can be used by ANYBODY.

Transfers, payment and withdrawal performed on PinsPay are very secure. PinsPay uses two factor authentication for all debit activities.

Based on a CBN directive, we'll need to update the KYC documentation of every enterprise on Pinspay. click here to read more

Registration with PinsPay is very easy, you will only need to fill out a form using the following credentials:

  • Your Mobile number.
  • Your Firstname.
  • Your Lastname.
  • your Date of Birth.
  • Your BVN(optional).
  • Your preferred Language.

For every money sent to you, you get notified via an SMS on your registered mobile number.

You can receive money sent to you either from P.O.S(Point Of Sale) or any other money withdrawal agency nearer to you.

Based on corporate account type i.e enterprise agency banking and enterprise regular account we required the following documentation on Pinspay. click here to read more

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